The Amazing Full Story Behind The Latest Viral Phenomenon: Chewbacca Lady

When Candace Payne went to exchange some items at her local Kohls department store, she had no idea it would completely change her life. After Candace returned the items, she decided to use her store credit and buy something nice for herself. She set eyes on a talking Chewbacca mask that was too funny to leave at the store. Candace was so amused by the mask, she decided to film herself wearing it for the first time and share it with her friends online. 

You can watch the hilarious video here:



The video was broadcast via Facebook Live, and in hours it broke the record as the most watched Facebook Live video ever, with over 100 million views. “I've looked at the number of views and it just seems like someone is just playing with a calculator”, said Candace. 
Just for reference, the last record breaking Facebook Live video was made by BuzzFeed, and gained 10 million views. 


"When you are a stay-at-home mom, every now and then you just need an adult conversation. Like 'Please someone else out there in the universe or Internet tell me I'm not the only one who finds this funny’”, said Payne. As to the response she got after posting the video, Candace say- “Everyone has been really encouraging. My friends and family are saying it's not degrading or anything for me. It just makes other people laugh. I'm seeing how many people are saying 'I suffer from depression, and this video is the first time I've laughed out loud in like two months”.


After her video was viewed all over the world, Candace got another surprise- A home visit from the Kohls employees (and they came bearing gifts). Two baskets filled with Star Wars merchandise, 3 Chewbacca masks (one for every family member), and 2,500$ in Kohls gift cards. 

Watch the family’s surprised reaction here:



Overall, it’s safe to say that Candace Payne made the best decision of her life when she bought that little Chewbacca mask.



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